LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER in the Los Angeles/ San Bernadino area




If you are new to my blog you may or may not know that I am in a queer, latin@, punk band called GIRL FRY.

And as a member of GIRL FRY I am asking for your help.

We need a drummer.

Ours informed us last night that she can no longer devote as much time as before to the band and that she needs to focus on her own personal goals. We respect that and wish her the best of luck in her endeavors.

That being said, she has agreed to finish up the album with us and play a show in May. After May we will need a new drummer, especially for the summer tour in August.

The requirements are the following:

  • Live either in the San Bernadino or Los Angeles area.
  • Be able to take a week off for the Summer tour (L.A. to Seattle and back.)
  • Age is not an issue, but we prefer 18+
  • Able to play the cajon and other percussive instruments for acoustic shows.
  • Must be queer, Trans, and non-binary friendly.

(Girls and feminine persons strongly encouraged to audition!)

If you are interested, please email us at

Thank you for your time.